30 plus 1 things everyone must try at least once in their life, before turning 30.

I was in my mid-twenties when I realized that I hadn’t had much of a taste of life and although I generally felt happy, I did not feel fulfilled and joyful. I realized that I was living in a somewhat protective “silk bubble” and it was clear in my mind that I needed to do something about it. I began to pursue activities and experiences which filled my soul, sometimes within the company of the people I love, and at other times just on my own.

Here is a list of some of the activities which feed my soul.  Through this process I have gained wonderful experiences, I have bonded with my family and friends, I have met new people and I have for sure come out as a new and different person.  I strongly encourage you, wherever you are at right now in your life, to try some or all of the things listed below.

  1. Write a letter and send it the traditional way

We live in an era of emails and Facetime. Communication is fast and easily accessible. Still, the magic that can be felt when using the traditional way of communication by writing letters and sending post cards when traveling, cannot be replaced by the other methods of communication.


  1. Get to know your extended family better

It is funny how little we know about the people we have known for most of our lives. Invest time in speaking with grandparents, uncles and aunts or even family friends. Ask all kinds of questions!!! From how their life was when they were your age. What was their childhood like or what kind of challenges did they face in their lives and what they have learned through them. What is their one piece of advice that they would share with you? An honest effort to get to know them deep-down will not only enrich you, but will also strengthen the relationships and bond within your family.

  1. Go an off-road trip

Enjoy the magic of nature. Become one with the beauty of nature by taking an off-road trip, either with a 4x4 drive car or with a motorbike, allow new images to come into your life experiences.

  1. Eliminate the ‘I am busy’ from your life

Just because your days are full this does not mean that your day is full of meaningful and beneficial activities.  Take a good and honest look at your day and eliminate whatever might not be beneficial, creative and that serves no purpose to you.

  1. Join a carnival parade

Enjoying a carnival parade by watching other people parading can be fun but it can be even more enjoyable if you take part in it. The excitement, the atmosphere, the dancing and the joy of the festivity will definitely create memorable experiences, especially when you share this experience with people that mean a lot to you.

  1. Sleep under the starts

This is definitely an experience that will fill your soul.  Enrich the experience with some wine and good company and enjoy the stars! Make sure you take a blanket with you though as even though it might be pretty hot during the day, at night the mist will make you feel cold.

  1. Play sports

What was your favorite sport when you were a child? Is there a sport that you want to get involved in? Call your friends or encourage your community to join you, or you could even join a community sports club.

And if there is a sport you haven’t tried, find the courage to try it!

  1. Take risks

If you wish to achieve great things in life it is a must that you learn the game of risk taking! Otherwise, inaction will pay you back with guilt and regrets. The choice is yours!

  1. Learn how to cook

It can be funny, messy, adventurous or even an artistic experience. It is worth taking the journey of learning how to cook, aside from boiling eggs and frying potatoes.

  1. Travel alone

Traveling can be such an educational experience in many different and powerful ways. Traveling alone is not just an adventure, it can also open up opportunities and prospects and it can build your self-confidence and self-dependence.

  1. Visit a new country

There is a huge world out there. Make it your goal to travel to as many countries as possible. Pick a new country each time and enjoy the new experience.

  1. Take a road trip

Wherever you live, in whichever country, it is a great experience to take a road trip, alone or with a person you love. The journey will for sure lead you to many new experiences and you will discover what is hidden out there!

  1. Fly with a plane or a helicopter over your city

This is such an experience to have!  Most of us know our city or the area we live in quite well, but from a close-up view.  Taking a ride on a plane or a helicopter over the city you live in is a completely different experience, with a perspective from above where everything looks so small and unimportant... just like toys!!!

  1. Reunite with old friends

Friends that you haven’t seen for a while or school friends whose paths have taken different directions from yours. Invest the time to give them a call and invite them to spend some time together.  You will be surprised how beautiful it can be.

  1. Volunteer for a cause or a charity

It is said that the joy of life is in serving and offering to others, and this is true. Choose a charity which matches with your energy and join forces with them. Feel and see the impact of your service to the world. Be a part of the movement towards a better world.

  1. Party all night

A balanced lifestyle with eight hours of sleep is essential for high energy levels, good health, and a good frame of mind.  But once in your lifetime all-night partying must be experienced.  It is all about creating memories, enjoying music, dancing, and having fun moments with people you care about the most.  It can be at a club, in a pub or at a house party.  Make sure you go home after the sun has risen.


  1. Throw a party for a good cause

Giving for a good cause is such a great and beneficial act. Sharing time with friends and socializing is also great. Combining the two is even better. Throw a party or a get-together to support a cause or a charity you support.  Be part of the change you want to see in your community.

  1. Fall in love

Being in a relationship sometimes may cause pain and can also be heart-breaking.  But by your mid-twenties you must have a clear image of how your ideal partner in life should be.  Find your ideal partner and fall in love!!!  Open your heart and soul and fall in love with all your being and energy, give, care, love fully, share and live your life to the fullest.  

  1. See your favorite band or singer live

It’s lovely listening to your favorite songs while driving but how about hearing them live? Enjoy your favorite band, singer or music producer live, be present, feel the energy and the magic of a live performance.

  1. Plant a garden patch

It could be a vegetable or a flower patch; the fulfillment and the energy of creation will enrich your life.

  1. Do something hilarious!

Ohhh yes, this really is an experience to share with close friends. What might look and sound hilarious though also needs guts to do. Share ideas with your friends and start planning. This experience will definitely be memorable!!!

  1. Choose a new hobby

Be curious enough to try new things and new experiences and if you like something you may want to adopt it as your new hobby. It could be sewing, photography, painting, sculpting or table games, there are so many activities…

  1. Enjoy nature in all its seasons

Learn and live the shift in seasons, enjoy the joy of rain, snow, sunshine, the colorful springtime and the melancholy of autumn. 

  1. Express your love openly to your loved ones

When was the last time you shared your feelings and especially love to your loved ones? To your parents, siblings, grandparents or close friends? If you don’t remember… then just pick up the phone right now and call everyone you love and tell them how you feel about them and how important they are in your life!!!

  1. Pray with all your heart

Feel the connection with the higher power from within. Learn the art of praying by adding all your intention to the heart with gratitude.

  1. Be vulnerable

This is an idea that I learnt in an acting class and that I experienced a little later in life. When we live life to the fullest, it automatically does not matter for whom and for what. Fear, as most people experience it, is automatically eliminated from the picture. It is such a brave act of acting to your fullest and being vulnerable at the same time. 

  1. Invest in your personal development

There is no growth or development without good and stable foundations in our personal development. Invest in developing yourself and the results will start to show fast in your life.

  1. Perform in front of an audience

This is considered to be among the top 3 fears in people. Join your local community theater, join karaoke events, give a speech on the subject of your expertise, or join the Toastmasters club in your city. This experience will definitely bring the best out of you and will boost your confidence.  

  1. Learn the art of forgiveness

Do you really want to achieve big things in life? Do you want to move forward fast? Then forgiveness must be among the first arts to learn. It will set you free and in full abundance.

  1. Declutter your life

Are there toxic people around you? Are there people with whom you don’t enjoy spending time with but that you are still hanging out with? Do you spend valuable time in activities or places which make you miserable? Become more responsible towards yourself, to your life and towards what has been given to you.

  1. Find your passion

Teenage years and our early twenties may seem confusing and not clear regarding your life’s direction. Invest some time and choose what your footprint will be in this lifetime and then make it your purpose.

Are you in your twenties or thirties? If so, please let us know what is on your list by adding a comment. Have you already lived through this age period? If so, what would you add to the list above.



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