How to turn failure into opportunity

How to turn failure into opportunity

Everyone has failed at some point in their life. Failure is part of being human, it is part of the process of life, and it is also part of the process of growing and developing.  However, when failure knocks on your door it is not pleasant. In fact, most people feel ashamed of failing and they push back the thoughts that reminds them of their failures.

Failing is not an easy thing to face nor is it pleasant, but since it is a part of the process of growing, and development is part of life …. how about if there was a way to look at failure as beneficial and helpful? How about taking the whole experience of failing to the next level and turning it into an opportunity?!!!

Let’s explore how we can always turn failures into opportunities…..

  • Spirit of learning: Be humble and open to the teachings that come along 
  • Accept responsibility: No one is more responsible than our own selves for what has happened, what is happening and will happen in our lives.
  • The right perception of what is: See how it really is, without exaggerating or underestimating.
  • Be prepared:  While working towards a goal it is expected that you might face some challenges.  Be prepared to overcome them and to develop though them.
  • Be flexible: Failure is never static and never catastrophic.  Trust that what has happened is for the best and be open and willing to shift, shape and develop accordingly
  • Have faith:  Know that what has happened is part of the journey. Practice faith even when you feel challenged.
  • Improvements:Always keep asking yourself what can be learnt and improved from this?

Taking the opportunity that a failure brings to learn, revise and reconsider may not be the easiest thing to do but a paradigm shift is right there waiting to be revealed when resistance gives in.

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