What is your agreement?

Very often people come to me complaining that there are not enough opportunities available for work, or to acquire the goods they desire, they cannot find ways to achieve their dreams, that life is really challenging and things used to be better before, and that these are common and everyday situations that they experience and struggle with…  and that they also observe in other peoples’ lives too!!!

Well… I strongly and affirmatively stress that all the above statements are just choices …choices that have already been made and have been sealed with an agreement for scarcity and limitation…

Let me elaborate a bit more …

God, our creator, meant for man to live in abundance and to be able to choose all the good things he desires and to bring them into his reality, thus He gave man the ability to think.  As my teacher and mentor Bob Proctor says “thinking is the highest of all creations” and it is!!!  Every result at the physical level was once a thought, everything began as a thought in the mind of someone.

God gave man the ability to choose the experiences he wishes to bring into his life, to be able to accept or reject ideas or experiences according to his desires, and to create the desired outcome and experiences that he will enjoy more.  Jesus says in the Bible, “Ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.”  And this is how it is … there is an abundance of opportunities and goods out there; the only problem is peoples’ lack of understanding, knowledge and awareness.  In the absence of awareness most people observe though their eyes and ears and they often come to the conclusion that this is all there is, or what may be possible for them to have!!!  And this is how our inner agreements are created, and that this is all there is and how it always will be!!! An agreement that is imposed because of ignorance… 

This is such a limiting way of living….

What do you expect to experience? What is your agreement for your experiences? 

If the results you are getting in your life do not match with what you really wish to have in your life, then you must shift the existing agreement into a new one in order to match with your true desires!

And new agreements can only be made by investing in ourselves, by widening our awareness and by studying in-depth who we really are, how our mind works and how powerful a tool it is, by collaborating with mother nature, and by building from within what we really want to experience.

Uell Stanley Andersen said “When we fully realize that thought causes all, we will know there's never any limits that we ourselves do not impose.”

I encourage you to invest time to really evaluate your inner agreements and if they do not serve you then start making new ones!

Looking forward to hearing from you and to reading your comments, and to support you in your journey to new and better inner agreements.  

To your success,

Maria Menicou

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