What really is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is such a popular subject that everybody is talking about!  Yet although people talk about it, not everyone really understands the depth and the power of positive and beneficial thinking.

To start with, regarding this subject, let me briefly explain to you the power of our thinking.  It is such an enormous creative force, which we can hardly capture with our mind.  Whatever we think about, speak or write, takes form and turns into our reality! All the words that have ever been spoken have literally created the world we live in, all our words have created the results we experience, everything that surrounds us and everything that we will ever experience.  We literally live at the edge of a thought…!

Thus, it is of great importance that we really understand and grasp the power of positive and beneficial thinking, which will bring about positive and beneficial results for us and for the world we live in.

What are the factors that activate a positive and beneficial way of thinking?

Here are some factors that can allow you to direct your way of thinking in a more powerful and positive way:

  • Create an in-depth understanding of the laws that govern our being. Yes, there are certain laws in which by creating a higher understanding, they will enhance your creative capacity and will definitely empower your way of thinking.
  • Perception. It is said that if we change the way we see things, the things we see change, and this is an absolute truth.   How we perceive the world is an inward experience and not an experience which happens from the outside in.
  • The power of words.  It is not what is said, but how something is said! And this is true in every sense. Words have a creative vibration which affect the end result. For example, it is way different to describe what you don’t want rather than what you do want!  It is really beneficial then to invest some energy in really grasping this idea alone!
  • Emotions.  Our thoughts lead to activating certain emotions. What the word emotion really means is ‘e-motion’, meaning energy in motion.  By using our emotions as a guiding system, we will really start to understand where we stand.
  • What we eat. It is said that we are what we eat, and this is absolutely true! What we eat affects out body and our way of thinking.  It is beneficial then to invest some time and energy in observing whether the way we nourish ourselves is or is not creating positive and beneficial thinking.

Overall, it is clear that our way of thinking reflects in our bodies and in the results we experience in our lives.  If you desire to learn how to truly create a beneficial and effective way of thinking, please contact me for a complimentary 45-minute coaching session.

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