What you should know about winning:

Most of my teachers and mentors ask this very same question: “what would you do if you knew that it is impossible to fail?”. What my own experiences have taught me is that most people begin dreaming while being in a state of high energy and motivation when trying to achieve their dreams, ready to go out at that very moment and in every direction to seek their dreams.

In this very same question though, there is a hidden “ingredient” which is essential in order to succeed … and this is no other than the element of failing!!!
It was such a profound statement, one that had such a huge impact on me, when I first heard my teacher and mentor Bob Proctor quoting that, “failure is always followed by an equally as big success, and possibly an even bigger success … and the bigger the challenge and failure, the bigger the success that follows …”

So how we can embrace the challenge that leads to our dreams?

Just think about this … If you knew that a difficult, narrow and uphill path would lead to a place where you could enjoy the best view in the whole world that your eyes will ever see, a place like no other that exists in the whole world, would you dare to attempt to go there? I bet most of you are already whispering YES in your mind …

Even though most people are willing to open up and to talk about their dreams, they are not as willing to share their shortcomings and failures, as they feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in talking about these challenges. We often hear people saying things along the lines of “you can’t always win” or “some you win and others you lose, that’s how life is…”.

Well … successful people are aware of this … they know how to embrace their shortcomings, how to deal with them, and eventually how to realise the greatest blessings that come as a result of these failures, which is none other than the enormous lessons being taught. Successful people stay in the moment, and don’t try to hide what has happened under the carpet, on the contrary, they allow it to take over their whole being in such a way that they can transform it into a stepping stone to achieve the desired result and their dream.

Always keep the following in mind:

=> Failure is always a choice that we make when we have decided to stop trying!

=> Failing doesn’t make you a failure!!

And also,

=> Always know that by failing you are rewarded with great teachings and wisdom, look for these in your own experiences!


To your success,

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